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ESA's Rosetta Mission posted Vangelis' third and final video clip as soon as confirmation the Philae spacecraft made a successful landing. The latest track is called "Rosetta's Waltz". We post all three videos below, from the most recent clip to the oldest:. Do brace your self for some brutal fade outs at the end of these video's. It's quite a crime that these pieces are incomplete.

Nevertheless, all our thanks to ESA for this special occasion, in multiple ways.

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As first reported back in July , Greek record label Cobalt Music is releasing a deluxe box set on the th anniversary of El Greco's death. The box set is now available to purchase from Greek online music stores:. As you may have heard, listening to the radio program that we announced earlier this week, Akiko Ebi spoke a lot about Vangelis in her interview on French classical radio. The Vangelis music she brought were the original Vangelis performances, not performed by her on piano, like we originally thought. Sadly, the radio station failed to play the unreleased Vangelis track that we wrote about.

This seems to have been a mistake. It might be a good idea to complain and request for the track still to be broadcast. For instance, contact presenter Olivier Bellamy here. It could help, if enough people respond. Akiko spoke candidly about her passion for Vangelis' music, and about meeting him in person for the first time in at the Martha Agerich festival in Paris. She also spoke about Vangelis generosity, and his philosophical values.

For music she brought Antarctica, while the show added a poor orchestral cover version of "Conquest of Paradise". Although we can't be sure what will actually be broadcast, word is that Akiko played no less than three Vangelis compositions during this interview, one of which is currently unreleased.

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Reliable sources near Cobalt Music confirm that the "El Greco - The Anniversary Edition" box set is slated for a release in the early days of November. It will be available internationally through various on-line retailers. The limited edition box set contains the Vangelis soundtrack on CD, on LP, the movie on DVD and a book about the paintings in a gorgeous luxurious box. There is still no release date available for the expected deluxe El Greco box-set release.

A Greek design company has posted their design for the box set on their web site. We have at this time no information on whether this design is final or what the status of the project is. Holly Johnson shared some interesting insights about his collaboration with Vangelis on the track "Europa". Holly Johnson's new album "Europa" is released today in the UK.

As reported last June the album's title track "Europa" is a song written by Holly and Vangelis 24 years ago. The song was recorded for this album with the participation of Vangelis. A second mix of the song appears on the deluxe version of the CD as a bonus track labelled "original mix". Both versions of the song were recorded recently, with only a few sounds remaining from the demo, as originally recorded by the two musicians in the early nineties.

Fans eager to listen to the song co-penned with Vangelis "Europa" before the album's official release can do so at the following link:. The beautifully restored film was originally released theatrically in and it featured an original score by Vangelis. For more details on the restoration project, please check our earlier updates from June 21, and February 13, For the time being, the film is available for purchase exclusively on the film's official website until September 22 when it will then be also available from the French Amazon.

On December 2 the film will be available nationwide in France at retail stores like FNAC and Auchuan, as well as on video on demand services.

Great variety of Vangelis music

Blu-ray DVD on Amazon. In addition to the upcoming deluxe box set of Vangelis' score for the "El Greco" , which will contain the score on CD and vinyl, plus a book and DVD of the movie, Cobalt Music in Greece will release the score on vinyl as a separate release. He browses for records on a Holiday in Greece and enjoys Spiral as his favorite Vangelis album. There are several references to Vangelis' music, and he does change his name, as a tribute to the composer.

The record contains Vangelis' recently remastered version of the album with extra digital reverb added and a bit of music cut out pressed on gram vinyl. The gatefold artwork apparently is an exact replica of the original artwork, making it hard to distinguish this edition from the original release, judging from the outside.

Incidently, Universal has also re-released Aphrodite's Child's "" on vinyl, as a part of their Back-To-Black series. The film festival's web site also has a synopsis of the story in French, and the first poster design for this French-Algerian produced war movie.

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According to acclaimed Belgian literary novelist Marnix Peeters, his upcoming third novel tributes Vangelis by having its protagonist adopts Vangelis as his new family name. The novel by Marnix Peeters, 'De tenondergang en de ongelooflijke wederopstanding van Eddy Vangelis' 'The downfall and the incredible uprising of Eddy Vangelis' is to be published august 22 by Amsterdam-based Prometheus - the book tells the story of a man who, after a great number of tribes and tribulations, turns his life around, and adopts the name of the Greek musician Vangelis.

It's Peeters' third literary book - following his highly acclaimed debut 'De dag dat we Andy zijn arm afzaagden' translated into Italian as 'Il giorno che segammo il braccio a Andy' and last year's 'Natte dozen' 'Wet boxes'. We'll check out the book when it's released, to see if this promise is met. Writer Marnix Peeters once selected music for Belgian national radio station Studio Brussel and has enjoyed a successful career as a music journalist. Although as a rule we prefer not to report on cover versions of Vangelis music, here's one release that catches the eye and even more so the ears All tracks have been tastefully reworked and are well produced, but it's probably the delightfully delicate performances that really makes these recordings hit home.

Holly Johnson's web store now shows the artwork for his upcoming new album "Europa", which will contain the Vangelis collaborative track with the same name. Remember to look also at the deluxe version of the CD, as it lists an "original version" for the Vangelis track. The song was originally composed by the two legendary musicians in the early nineties. The release comes on the occasion of a year of celebrations, exhibitions and other festivities in Spain and Greece, as marks the year anniversary of the famous painter's death.

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Since earlier this year, the music was also released to most of Europe in the digital domain. Reliable sources close to Vangelis confirm that a limited edition deluxe box set will be released in Greece shortly.

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No exact date has been announced yet. The release will be limited to a copies. The tracklist of Holly Johnson's upcoming "Europa" album is published on his website. There will be two editions of the album: a regular track album CD and vinyl, and a limited edition track signed CD. Both CDs contain Holly's updated version of "Europa" that he and Vangelis originally worked on in , see our update from 21 June. Also worth to note that the deluxe edition CD of "Europa" has an "original version" of the title track as a bonus track.

Check local cinema listings for showtimes. The event was attended by invited guests and the general public. Yves Rescalat from Editions Zoroastre - who oversaw the restoration of the film - gave a speech before the film's presentation. Several members from the original film crew were in attendance, and Yves informed the audience that some however couldn't attend, including Vangelis who sadly was caught up with work and couldn't be at the evening's event in Paris. Yves explained the film's restoration used the original 16mm negatives after a hunt that took 6 months of research. The film's frames were restored at the legendary Eclair Laboratories.

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Some of the film's original crew were involved in assisting with the restoration work see our earlier post from 13 February for more info. The new restoration has resulted in images with far greater detail than what has been previously seen on home video, with vibrant colours, and better highlights and contrast of the subjects and the backgrounds.

The film is presented in widescreen format. The audio has also been fully restored and it sounded fluid and clear. Singer and painter Holly Johnson, better known to most as the singer of "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" with 80s mega hits "Two Tribes", "Relax", and "The Power of Love" - announced he is making a music comeback with his first studio album in 15 years, featuring a song he began writing with Vangelis in titled "Europa". Holly announced the news yesterday via media outlets and on his official website.

Here's what Holly's website wrote about the song "Europa":. The title track began life with Vangelis in Paris over a decade ago, where Johnson - a Blade Runner obsessive - teamed up with the legendary composer in an underground studio; a converted concrete bunker on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne, which had been originally designed for Hitler's occupation.

Some twenty four years later, Holly and Vangelis, together with long-time collaborator Mark Ralph, finally finished it off.