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In that period about a million and a half dollars were raised, and the work began to address the most critical deferred maintenance and historic preservation issues. We often say that this museum is as much about Los Angeles and Southern California as is about Italians. While Italians struggled here and faced discrimination, it was not as extreme as other parts of the country.

The Latin, Mexican and Spanish heritage of the region is in many ways responsible. Sharing similar language, similar culture, values and religion, Italians were well welcomed here. When Los Angeles changed from being mainly a Latin influenced city to an English speaking and Anglo city, Italians had already assumed positions of leadership and achieved great success. Yes, my family largely came from Sicily and Calabria, like many Italian Americans, they were motivated to immigrate for economic reasons.

They came with nothing, and worked incredibly hard. After Pearl Harbor, a lot of Italians were considered enemy aliens and some of them were sent to camps far from their home. In San Francisco that happened a lot: did it happen in Los Angeles, too? In Southern California, just like in San Francisco, many Italians were forces to register as enemy aliens; others were arrested, forced to relocate, and some were interned.

And certainly, locally there were a lot of leaders in the Italian community who were arrested and sent to these camps. A local Italian newspaper destroyed its entire pre-war archive after its editor was arrested. What a loss. Well, it depends on the period. Italians contributed extensively to every aspect of Southern California, from agriculture to finance, transportation to entertainment.

They created artistic treasures, such as the Watts Towers, built by Simon Rodia. In the entertainment industry Frank Capra was for sure among the first important Italians to achieve success. Taste of Italy is about to begin, on October this is the 5 th edition. Can you please describe it to our readers?

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Taste of Italy is the Italian American Museum largest event. Last year 2. Taste of Italy represents our identity and mission, as Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, and highlights our historic presence here. Taste of Italy draws people from all over Southern California, all walks of life, all ethnic groups: we find that the best and the easiest way to share a little bit of our culture is through food. How do you see this fantastic project, in five years from today? This is a tremendous opportunity not only to share our history and our culture with other Italians and Italian Americans, but to share this story with the general public.

We hope to shape the minds of young people, who oftentimes are exposed only to the negative stereotypes about Italians and Italian Americans: the mafia, the illiterate idiots on television. Our last exhibition about the Italians of Los Angeles welcomed over 60, visitors in 9 months. We currently have about 4. Our primary focus is to be a historical museum, but we also will be hosting temporary exhibitions covering a very large number of topics. The possibilities are endless. We will be able to start presenting programs and exhibitions in the building in The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles will be an avenue to explore and enrich this cultural exchange.

Il museo si trova nella Italian Hall, un edificio costruito nel , in quella che un tempo era il cuore della Little Italy di Los Angeles. Condividendo linguaggio, religione, cultura e valori simili a quelle ispanici, gli italiani furono ben accolti qui. Arrivarono qui senza avere nulla, e lavorarono molto duramente. Dopo Pearl Harbor, molti italoamericani furono considerati nemici stranieri e alcuni di essi furono inviati in campi lontani dalla loro casa. A San Francisco successe spesso: accadde anche a Los Angeles?

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Nel sud della California, proprio come a San Francisco, molti italiani furono costretti a registrarsi come nemici stranieri, altri furono arrestati o costretti a trasferirsi, e alcuni furono internati. Molte famiglie americanizzarono i loro cognomi, cancellarono le affiliazioni alle organizzazioni italiane, fecero tutto il possibile per apparire non italiani.

Un giornale locale italiano dovette distruggere il suo intero archivio di prima della guerra, dopo che il suo editore fu arrestato. Una grande perdita.

Every time we [Gogol Bordello] played in London, there was a rumor she would be coming to our show, something like that, and eventually it happened. Or more. JM: She said that when she was done with the film, she realized that all the characters were aspects of herself. Do you relate to that? Same thing in songwriting, you know? Same thing in anything. JM: You and Madonna have something in common as far as your drive. You know, like the East Village era of her career when she was trying to get really big and the hustle of that.

Watch it. I never needed to be huge, no matter what. I was pretty much at peace through all the stages of our recognition as a band, and if you ask me, the first show we played on the Lower East Side in some ungodly place that existed for 20 minutes…. You know, after that show, I pretty much already thought that I made it. If you really think about it, if you look at the Gogol Bordello audience… this is a kind of audience that nobody out there gathered before.

And so for that, East Village is, of course, the playground number one, and it allows all kind of talents to flourish. JM: In the movie, everyone forms their own sort of family, their own sort of tribe, which seems to be pretty important to you and your music and your outlook — this self-made family. And I think [that is] the reason why the band as an entity, as a social entity, is so popular. The first time I saw the movie, it was sort of funny, and the second time I saw it, it was scary ….

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The other movies about male hustlers like American Gigolo are from a male point of view, from the director and the writer. EH: I think your first reaction was kind of more on the money.

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Read full article…. By Aaron Hillis. I was there for three weeks. As you can tell, there is stuff that is purely autobiographical, and then lots of funky abracadabra in the mix.

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We were having fun and taking liberties as we were going along. It was just gonzo beatnik style, you know? Having been on a film shoot with a bigger budget and crew, what would you say the pros and cons were to working on this smaller, more D. Also, nobody set me aside and applied disciplinary measures.

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I still can pull through. So I was completely free with that, with my flow. But they were both classes of film school, you know? That never happens — I hate to bum you out, guys.

That was an absolute creation. It has nothing to do with my biography. EH: Just the desperation, you know? How so? EH: It pretty much speaks through everything we do. We live in a political world, and those areas are the most politicized, and on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

We were all raised in a Cold War, actually. It robbed our childhood. Back when every single hockey game on TV was extremely political because like, okay, Russians are playing Canadians. Economics is what makes politics.

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